“If you ask me what I came into this life to do, I will tell you: I came to live out loud.” – Emile Zola


I'm a T-shaped leader in UX design, content strategy, and instructional design with 18+ years of experience. I’m also a Certified Scrum Product Owner®.

So, what do I offer? I ensure that the time and money spent on product development and marketing pay off by solving design and content problems and creating great user experiences that reinforce your brand. And, because I love teaching others new skills and strengthening their creative confidence, I help my team keep improving their ROI.

I truly love design and am always pushing to be better. To that end, I’m currently working toward my Masters in Digital Media Design at Harvard (with a focus on Learning Design & Technology) —learning from the best to polish existing skills and learn new ones in this exciting, ever-changing field.

I strongly believe that, while professional skills and goals are important, it's equally vital to work toward building a life that gives you satisfaction and makes the world a better place, which is why I love spending quality time with my husband and baby and why I sing, draw, kayak, and run.

My Resume (PDF)