Instructional Design, Teaching, and Mentoring

I've had a love of teaching my whole life and am working toward my masters in Digital Media Design from Harvard Extension with a focus on Learning Design & Technology. I've created curricula for and taught both adults and high school students and enjoy the unique challenges and fulfillment that each offer.


Instructional Design

“Learning is experience. Everything else is just information.”
— Albert Einstein

Using a backwards design method (focus first on the main goal, then on assessments to measure learning toward that goal, and then activities to facilitate that learning), I create courses that get to the root issue that you are trying to solve with training (and speak up if I feel that training won’t help you solve the issue).

Creating experiences where students achieve mastery of a subject rather than just memorizing and regurgitating information requires a multi-pronged approach that considers:

  • brain science (how we actually learn)

  • psychological principles behind motivation

  • different training methods—Visual Thinking Strategies (VTS), competency-based education, retrieval practice, project-based learning, gamification, etc.

  • the role (both positive and negative) that prior knowledge has on students’ progress

  • formative and summative assessments

  • targeted activities that allow learning by doing (not just “lectures” in front of a PowerPoint deck)

I’ve created curricula for high school students, budding food entrepreneurs, UX design professionals, and content strategists.


Teaching & Mentoring

“The delicate balance of mentoring someone is not creating them in your own image, but giving them the opportunity to create themselves.”
— Steven Spielberg

Teaching and mentoring are two of the most fulfilling things I’ve ever done. It feels great to see that spark of understanding in someone or to help someone achieve their learning and career goals.

Whenever I teach, I learn as much or more than my students—how to improve my skills for the future, how to better reach different types of learners, and sometimes, how to look at the world in a completely different way.

Not that I have it all figured out now (life is way too crazy to claim that), but I feel like I’m in a pretty steady place right now with the direction of my career. I love what I do, am learning more, and know where I want to be heading. But, it took a long of struggling, wrong turns, and stabs in the dark to get here. I aim to help as many others as I can to navigate their journey by teaching them some things I had to learn the hard way or that I wish I had known right out of college.

I’m currently mentoring four professionals who wish to point their career down the UX design path and I’m building an online course to help others make the same career transition.