Artistic Adventures

Besides bringing some beauty, peace, fun, and creativity into our lives, I love art in all its forms, because it has the power to bridge differences and create connections in ways that transcend the labels we put on each other (and on ourselves).


Singing, Guitar, & Piano

I've loved to sing all my life. When I was little, I would sneak under the table at restaurants so that I could put on a little song and dance show for the other tables.

I remember getting a bright yellow, waterproof, Sony Walkman Sport for Christmas one year—it still goes down as a top-ten present of all time. It allowed me to play in the sprinklers and sing Madonna, Belinda Carlisle, and Michael Jackson full blast in the backyard for the neighbors to "enjoy."

Since then I've taken private voice lessons and classes at Berklee, am teaching myself to play guitar and piano, sing at open mics, and am looking for a great partner or band to perform with.

Drawing, Painting, Photography, & Quilting

I love all types of visual art including drawing, painting, sewing, and photography.

When I was a kid, I would spend the night at my grandparents house and my grandmother would teach me to sew, draw, and paint while we drank tea and waited for homemade goodies to finish baking.

I love juxtaposition and like to play with contrasting shapes, colors, and subject matters—especially showing the relationship between the scientific/technological/mechanical and the spiritual/organic/natural. I believe that art has an important role to play in not just enriching our lives with beauty, but in communicating profound ideas.